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  1. S13 airbag suspension

    Hey guys. Just finishing off my ls1 swapped s13.4 And wanting to put it on bags. I have a haggard driveway and this car isn't a drift car it's my nicely built fun weekend car. Just wondering if anyone is running bags and if so what brand they are and a bit of there personal review. Also where they got them from. Thanks guys Tom
  2. S13 sr20det problems!

    I literally 10 mins ago clamped off the return fuel line and tried to start it. No difference. So I got a volt meter out and tested the pump. 1 pin had 12 volt and 1 pin had 6.3 volts which I'm guessing is a signal wire. So guessing it's getting all the voltage it needs. Didn't test the fpr with the vac line off but I can give it a go tomorrow. With the vac line off it should fall a few psi yes? But if it doesn't your suggesting its a vac issue and if it does fall it should be a fpr problem
  3. S13 sr20det problems!

    It was rigged up between the fuel filter and the fuel rail. Not after the fpr
  4. S13 sr20det problems!

    I marked the cas and reset it there once I had move it. What could cause the fuEl pressure to be low? I have put 2 new walbro pumps in her. Both working perfectly. And I've replaced my fuel filter with the bog stock fuel filter and the larger z32 filter. I don't know what else to change in the fuEl system
  5. S13 sr20det problems!

    Video of the bogging when driving
  6. S13 sr20det problems!

    View of the fuel pressure guage
  7. S13 sr20det problems!

    OK have been busy for awhile now and got back onto the silvia this past weekend. Here is the progress. Still doesn't run.... This weekend I tested the fuel pressure. Nothing I can't see wrong there. Runs just under 2 bar at idle and dips slightly with a little throttle and jumps just over 2 bar as the revs drop off. I tested all the coil packs for ohms and power to each etc. I then tested the loom running to the packs. All seems legit and has power. I then took a spark plug out and tried to test each coil pack with a spark plug in it while grounded to the top of the motor. I couldn't get a spark from any of them? I loosed the CAS after I got the car running and turned it from side to side. One way dropped the revs off a lot and the other advanced them. Not a knowledgeable guy with cam sensors but I figured this showed it was working. I got a spare 62 ecu and switched it with mine and was just as hard to start but eventually ran just like the original ecu so I'm guessing my ecu is fine. Put a screw driver up to each injector when the car was running and listened. All the injectors you can hear rhythmically ticking away. So figured they are still working. Borrowed a mates standard maf and ignitor chip and swapped them out. Same thing. No improvement. The car still runs the same. Really hard to start, takes about 20 cranks and throttle play but eventually pops up almost instantly to a nice idle. Idle isn't high or low. Just as normal. You can Rev it and do anything you'd like while it's in neutral. You can put her in gear and drive her out onto the street and then as soon as you give her any more than 1/4 throttle or it gets amy where near boost it stutters and boggs. I'm literally out of ideas at this point?! Anyone have any input. Thanks guys.
  8. S13 sr20det problems!

    Thanks pmod. You have been one helpful guy. I think it's come down to as you said exchanging each and every part until I find the problem. I borrowed a spare ecu yesterday and connected it up, sounded like it ran on 3 cylinders. Unplugged it and plugged mine back it. Was hard to start but when it started it idled fin. Right up until when I tried to drive it and surprise it did the exact same thing still.
  9. S13 sr20det problems!

    Here is my update today. We compression tested all 4 cylinders which were all around that 125 to 130 on all 4. Thinking there isn't an issue internally. We also ripped off the rocker cover and check the timing which looked to be fine. We then boost leaked tested her. Found her leaking from the boost controller and bov. Fixed both those leaks quickly and easily but didn't fix the problem. My mate (mechanic and auto elec) was thinking it's most probably the cam sensor... What's the new consensus? I am still stumped. Picking up a spare set of coil packs and ecu to try out on monday. But other than that I have no bloody idea
  10. S13 sr20det problems!

    Hey guys. Run my own business so I don't have a lot of time on my hands these days. Few things I've tried to do over the last week. Removed and replaced all engine bay major fuses and ran a mulimeter over them all. They all look legit and can't see a problem there. Checked most of the earth's and sanded a few back. Didn't fix the problem though. Removed the fuel line and extended it out of the car into a bucket. Primed the pump and watched the flow. Looked perfect. Cranked it and couldn't notice a change in the flow rate at all. So everything from the fuel filter back seems legit. Ran a multimeter over most of the ignition wiring and saw there is constant power to the coil packs. I also got another ignitor and changed it over but that didn't help. I also got the car to run at one point... which once again at idle runs like a dream! Frustrating to hell. And while it was running I had a play with the CAM sensor. Didn't seem to make a difference after I reset it. But if it's running and I unplug the CAM sensor the cat dies immediately. Don't know if that's a thing? I have make up a boost leak tester and will give it a test tomorrow. Will post the results. Thanks for the help guys!
  11. S13 sr20det problems!

    Hey guys. Ok I talked to my mate who's a mechanic and has a few sr's in datsuns. He straight up said it isn't a boost leak issue. 100% has to be a spark or fuel issue. So I went home and clamped off the return to tank fuel line. He suspected the furl pressure reg had shit itself and wasn't holding pressure. That yielded no results. We are down to a few things but they all involve replacement parts. This after noon I'm going to rip the manual boost controller out and replace it with a new vac hose and see if that changes anything. Also going to replace the 75amp fuse and see if that works as well. I'll also give the fuel pump a test as suggested. I'll let you guys know how I go. Thanks for the suggestions, driving me nuts.
  12. S13 sr20det problems!

    Also unplugged the maf while she was running and was fine until I gave it a little throttle and it just died. And I during the haggard attempts at starting it I unplugged the o2 sensor but that didn't seem to do anything. I forgot to unplug it while I had it running.
  13. S13 sr20det problems!

    OK so I went on a mission to redo all the earth's this morning and bought a new Earth lead for the battery and while I was at it I sprayed every single plug on the wiring harness in the engine bay hoping that would rule that out at least.... Nothing. Exact same thing. First time I try and turn it over it does it straight away and then immediately dies. Then it can take anywhere between 5 and 20 attempts at cranking it to start. I got her running after all that and she runs fine at idle. Purrs like a dream. Revs fine. Can hear her spool and bov open and close. Rose up to op temp and stays there perfectly. And thought I would take her for a drive and film what happens. Has 20 vac and drives fine right up until boost where is either suddenly feels like the slowest speed limiter in the world or it bucks and kicks and literally slows to almost a crawl. (I have video of this if anyone wants me to email it to them) Drop it back a gear and drive it just feathering the throttle and feels like a normal cat (until you even slightly make it boost. Got it back into the garage and turned her off and tried to turn her back on. Have to work the throttle slightly but turns over on the first try. Not a pretty start but she does start. Which is a massive improvement from a cold start. Hope this gives a bit more info and thanks for all the help guys. I work too much as it is and want her on the road again.
  14. S13 sr20det problems!

    That was literally the best reply I could have gotten pmod. Thanks for that. I'll keep ticking off each one of those until I either find the problem or replace everything and end up with a new engine! Haha. Thanks mate
  15. S13 sr20det problems!

    OK so this is a very long story that has been annoying me for the last 2 months and I literally have no idea what else to look for anymore. Basically over the course of a few days she went from being a very drivable fast car to bogging under load on and off some days. To bogging every day. To bogging more than 70% of the time. To hardly even starting and when I can start her she runs fine on idle but as soon as she is under load she has basically no power(getz running on 2 cyls power out put) and it can not spool at all. Now I've been scouring the Internet for solutions to my problems and have tried lots and lots. Here is a list of what I've changed. I've cleaned maf and put contact cleaner on nearly every plug I thought could help. I've replaced the plugs I've replaced the pod I've replaced the fuEl filter twice now. Replaced fuel pump with walbro 255 Replaced all injector o rings Disconnected battery overnight (supposedly resets the ecu?) ..... What the hell is wrong with it? Only mods on the motor are, fmic, manual boost controller , short shifter and HD clutch. Otherwise just asthetic things like powdercoated valve cover etc. I don't know if it's connected but a few days before this all started I was flogging her up a range and blew off a fmic pipe and had to drive it for about 500 m before I could pull over and screw it back together..... Please can someone please help me!! Thanks guys Tom