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  1. 32 4 Door daily will probs end up getting tracked&smashed

    Gauges WAY too big lol
  2. Price : $350 Condition : Used Hey Guys Have a pair of genuine bride JZX100 bottom mount Rails for sale Driver side & passenger side $350 ONO PM If interested Located in melbourne Also have aftermarket front lip for s2 front bar... I think its traum? not sure- $100
  3. generic topic title

    I'v done two fuse box relocations- In my R32 i put it in the centre console. Fits perfectly looks super neat too. In a friends 180 I put one fusebox in the centre console and the other in the glove box.
  4. VicDrift Practice Day - October 2011

    I Saw 3 Photographers

    love it mate, only let down for me is the copy seats, garden edge front lip and momo pedals- but each to their own! =D super clean car mayb try and fit up some type X rear pods onto it?
  6. VicDrift Practice Day - December 2010

    Unless you drive a corolla, then YOU try and redeem yourself by making a half assed crack at them. And the world goes 'round. yyeeeeeaaaa boi.

    nice car Horrible fitment.
  8. 1996 Nissan S14 Series 1

    previous owner
  9. 1996 Nissan S14 Series 1

    hope i can see it sliding again like it should in its former glory
  10. Project 32

    haha sweet looking forward to this one looks kind of like the one u imported..
  11. VicDrift Practice Day - May 2010

    be nice, hes doing us a favour- its not our right to have video footage, rather a privellage
  12. VicDrift Practice Day - May 2010

    lol i was wondering what talky was going on about haha
  13. RUZJET'S X81 MARK2

    haha should have used 7up