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  1. DIY Paint your brakes

    anyways did my calipers and i ended up just sand papering it down.. heres mine
  2. yep sand papered it down now just need clear coat lol thanks guys who helped....
  3. hey guys i tried filing it, using sand paper and even silver paint using a brush which was extremely hard i ended up just getting mineral turps and wiping it down.... worked a wonder....
  4. hahahah soo thats the only way masking it up lol i thought spraying some of the white paint in a cup and brushing it on would be easier or does this look crap aswell lol ???
  5. yeh just tried using the file doesnt look to good im going to just try using the VHT white paint and brush it on...
  6. hahah yeah ight i'll go try that out man also after that use a clear coat is that right?
  7. yeh that was my first attempt at sanding it back but its a rough surface and is dotty. would it matter guy if you sand abit of the metal back to smooth still having the NISSAN logo?
  8. hey guy I just painted my calipers red with a can of VHT and it looks great but would be better if the NISSAN was in white. I was just wondeing what paint to use to highlight the Nissan with white. would I have to buy another can of white VHT and just use a brush or normal spray paint is fine?
  9. DIY Paint your brakes

    hey guys i did my calipers in red and i want the nissan sign showing..... i used abit of sand paper but the suface is to rough to get it showing nicely so white paint i guess using a brush would be the way to go? and what paint to use one that does not wear off... hope i dont need to get a can of white VHT...
  10. i want to see the interior ones in action......
  11. custom bodybuilding singlets

    lol.... mate im still trying to see if i can find one around sydney...
  12. hey guys i have searched for these but i cant find them..... i want to buy a couple of cheap blank black bodybuilding singlets so i can make a custom design pic on them but cant find them anywhere... even a place where they can print would be good but the main thing is i want the singlets first... help would be appreciated... thanks something like this..
  13. Type X rear lights

    apparently you dont need the lower garnish someguy here posted some up he actually just put washers on the old generation one to make it stick out more... pics he showed wasnt too bad.
  14. hey buddy its worth doing mate i have a s1580 and true it does crack by time and yeah isnt strong enough... but looks good lol... as soon as i end up ripping them in half i'll for sure make the metal guards up...
  15. Dents Piss Me OFF!

    kool would u happen to have his number... plus im located in sydney western area....