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  1. R32 street/skid machine.

    Lowered it more, so some random snaps were in order!
  2. R32 street/skid machine.

    Haha fool! Didn't end up running them at drift prac, only got a few laps in, was running my Maxxis for those. Haven't really worked on the thing lately, just putting some fund together for new clutch, hydro, and some asthetic mods. Might save up for some new wheels actually?
  3. September 5TH Drifty prac

    Stewy, on turn 3 haha, f**king crazy shit man! You make your car like like it's got alot more power than what it does! Also Christian, you need to go in the experienced group, you were f**king ripping up turn 1! Outragous lock bro!
  4. Mad shit 32 from the West...

    Vertex kit and GTR front bar looks so good. Almost exactly how I want mine to look. Keep the mods coming!
  5. bad ass black 32

    yeah i traded the 18's that were on my silvia for them. leaving them matt black, looks tuff as fk. if i wanna change it up i got some white avs model 6's to chuck on there. have i met u before? Nah he just told me the other day he sold his black gtr wheels, so I put two and two together haha.
  6. bad ass black 32

    You just got them off Cameron didn't you? Are you leaving the wheels matte?
  7. R32 street/skid machine.

    grips for pussies and hinley runs.. i run tyre stack spec 17's. Haha, I work in a tyre store, so I have close to 30 tyres in my shed not to mention at work haha. I just hate to see the good 18's at work go to waste. Lol. Boost coming on at about 3300RPM is pretty decent really. My car was running alot of boost with the stock turbo and making shit all power. Running a little less, and with the VG30 it's actually really responsive. Good enough for street and track. Only problem is your not going to crack 250RWKW haha, but for a directy bolt on cheap as chips turbo it's awesome.
  8. R32 street/skid machine.

    It's got an Excedy HD in there at the moment, which is a little scary, considering it's a few thousand km's old. So not sure what to upgrade two? Should be running some 18's on the rear soon for a little more grip
  9. bad ass black 32

    Looks tough as! Good response out of that turbo set up?
  10. S13.4 Skidder / Time Attack whip

    His car gets thrashed on the track? Shit happens. S14 front look's sooo tough in real life. Can't wait to see it painted man.
  11. 22nd drifto practice

    No one is expecting their cars to be "off tap". All that should be expected is that their car is actually ready to be drifted.. I'd say that at least 50% of the cars out were completely stock. Drift Practice isn't suppose to be a legalised RCK skid show... It's suppose to give people practice drifting. Mallala wont change prac start times. They use to have day pracs, but realized that they could make more money by holding grip during the day and drift at night. 50% at least? Are you kidding? There was a stock Commonwhore and S13 or two, but I've seen much worse turn out's of stock cars trying to slide. All I'm trying to say is, it's practice for a reason, practice. There will always be people out there in stock cars, with little to know skills. But it's their right to come out just as much as us with perpose built cars. If you don't like driving in the beginner group, get there early and drive in the experienced one.
  12. 22nd drifto practice

    Remember people, it's drift practice, people hitting up for the first or second time, in cars built to a slim budget aren't going to be off the rails. I agree though, needs to be 3 groups, and start drift prac earlier. Don't know how this would work with the grip days though?
  13. 22nd drifto practice

    Sick night, unfortunatly I broke everything on my car by halfway through the second session, was prepared to keep driving but I had no headlights, so no go for me. Sorry to anyone I spun infront of, and then became invisable, in the smoke in a black car with no lights, haha.
  14. R32 street/skid machine.

    Well I took the sack of crap to Mallala on Sat night even though it has no clutch, haha. Snapped the handbrake cable the first time I cam out of the pits and entered turn 3, lol. Then got kicked off after the first session cause I had no headlights, lol fair enough. Hopefully I can get everything sorted with in 2 weeks for the next one.
  15. R32 street/skid machine.

    I am way outa the loop right now, haha. Somone inform me of this magical laser, lol? UPDATE: Clutch is shit, and it will be sooo fun trying to clutch kick third Saturday night (N)