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  1. Factory s14 Series 2 Guard Guard has been flared and lip rolled (see pics) $100 Negotiable Located - Adelaide SA, Somerton Park SMS - 0421 002 069
  2. cool. make sure to come back and post results. vids preferably
  3. I think you'll struggle not to spin up 1st with that much grunt on any street tyre? Like i said I recommend good alignment (requires adjustable arms) and tyres will probably be trial and error...so much variation in price/grip. Try toyo R1R, Federal 595 SS, Kuhmo ku36, and even try Chinese tyres with big tread, some are surprisingly grippy. I think s15s use a 55 profile standard? So use that....? good luck! p.s Ive been in EVO's and WRX's with similar power and even they spun in 1st gear
  4. what about R33 GTR wheels? they're 17X9 +30. you could run 255s on the back if you wanted to. I've had them on my S14 and they sit pretty nicely.
  5. If you don't already, get adjustable camber arms in the rear and get an alignment to correct the negative camber from lowering. Much more grip.
  6. S14a front parts

  7. generic topic title

    thats a fair effort for a 4k. drive your ae86 like that!
  8. We really have to pick up our game...

    no not at all. What's the relevance of them being female? well, they aren't as good lol hmmmm, maybe you're right.
  9. We really have to pick up our game...

    no not at all. What's the relevance of them being female?
  10. Dunn's 32 4door. daily driven.

    looks good! some meshies on it would look rad.
  11. my ae86 skid slut

    your car looks fun to drive by that video. why don't you enter using the handbrake? or doesn't it lock/work?
  12. looks good man! If you go into the corner a bit quicker and turn in hard to help shift the weight the handbrake will lock a lot easier. Pretty good effort for some one who's never drifted before!